Challenge Topics

Student Challenge

Challenge Topics

The U.N. Sustainability Development Goals were created to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the world. Students will use STEM skills as well as research, communication, persuasion, and organization to develop the solution to their problem. Solutions must be a unique idea or prototype and can’t be a new use for an existing product.

Proposed solutions should fall under one of the below topic areas:

Safety and Well-Being

The United Nation believes that ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Have you seen where this area could be improved in your community? Develop an innovation, an app, or a technical strategy to increase life expectancy, help doctors diagnose diseases and other health issues sooner, increase overall happiness in senior citizens or other age groups, or another challenge you’ve witnessed in your community.

Quality Education

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation for creating sustainable development. Have you seen where education or access to education could be improved in your schools? Develop a technology or innovation that could make quality education more accessible, more equitable, and with easier access to essential resources like electricity, technology, and community investment.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

According to the United Nations, by 2050 two-thirds of all humanity will live in cities. Have you seen where sustainability has struggled in your community? Develop technical innovations that could make large, urban cities more sustainable in the years ahead. How can we help the environment flourish in large urban areas? How can we limit carbon footprints and provide access to public transportation? How can we conserve energy, recycle, and support community projects? How can we prepare for natural disasters early and prevent damage or death. Tell us your idea today!

Life on Land

It’s important that we protect, restore, and promote our ecosystems and halt land degradation and species extinction. Tell us your solutions to these problems with innovations that help support animal health and longevity, combat desertification, sustainably maintain forests and natural landscapes, restore our coastal shorelines, and more. Let us know your solution!

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