Challenge Resources

Student Challenge

Challenge Resources

Use Challenge Resources to help prepare and inspire students to brainstorm their own unique innovation. These resources will help students meet the challenge checklists, create their challenge storyboard for their video essay submission, and prepare them to win the Fueling Education Challenge!


Review all Challenge rules and ensure that your video submission adheres to the challenge criteria and challenge requirements.

Challenge Checklist

Review the Challenge Checklist and ensure that you have met all challenge criteria, waivers, and standards. 

Challenge Storyboard

Utilize the Challenge Storyboard to draft your video submission. Outline your video, its concepts, and brainstorm how you will represent your problem and solution.  

Classroom Resources

The Fueling Education Classroom Resources are designed to inspire brainstorming and inspiration for the Student Challenge and provide engaging STEM activities and lessons for the classroom. Help your students understand how they can create positive impacts and innovation and use the Classroom Resources today!

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Enter the Challenge

Enter the Challenge

Have fun, innovate, and help make a difference in the world!

Career Profiles

Career Profiles

Teach your students about potential STEM career paths and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Lack of Early STEM Learning Harms U.S. Economy

One of the most important factors that limits the United States’ ability to stay ahead of the STEM curve is the lack of introduction to these educational areas at an early age.

Center of Economic Development