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About the Challenge

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Fueling Education Student Challenge encourages students to identify a problem in their community and develop an innovation that will make their communities and world a better place!

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Topic Areas

Individual students or groups of 2-4 are challenged to identify a community problem and identify a solution aligned to one of the four following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: safety and well-being, quality education, sustainable cities and communities, and life on land. Inspire your students to help develop an innovation that will make their communities and world a better place!

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Individually or with your team, identify a problem in your home, school, community, or global population that solves one of the topic areas provided and come up with a unique solution that will help solve or improve the problem and, create a 1-2 minute video showcasing your problem and solution.

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Post your video to YouTube and submit the URL to your profile. Make sure your video meets all criteria and in the contest rules. Have fun, innovate, and help make a difference in the world!

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Challenge Details


Creativity (ingenuity and innovative thinking) (30%)

Content (30%)

Persuasiveness and effective communication (20%)

Overall presentation (20%) 


Submission Period: 

September 24, 2020 – March 22, 2021

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Winner Announcement: May 2021


Grand Prize
One team or individual receives a total of $20,000

2nd Place
One team or individual receives a total of $10,000

3rd Place
One team or individual receives a total of $5,000

School Prizing 
Schools with five or more entries will be put into a random drawing for a chance to win a $2k scholarship. One school will be eligible to win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students enter?

To enter, students must submit a 1-2 minute video describing a solution to a home, school, community, or global problem that relates to one of the four topic areas: Safety & Well-Being, Quality Education, Sustainable Cities & Communities and Life on Land. Learn more about the topic areas by visiting the entry topics page.  

Is the competition open to anyone?

The competition is open to all legal U.S. residents who are students enrolled in grades 5-8 at a public, private, parochial, or home school located in one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia.  

Can a student enter as an individual?

Yes. Students may enter the challenge as an individual or a team of 2-4 students.

What is the deadline for submission?

March 22, 2021

Notice: The entry submission deadline for the CITGO Fueling Education Challenge has been extended to 8:00 PM EST on March 22, 2021. If you have entered already but wish to update your entry before the new deadline, you may email your updated entry materials to FuelingEducation@discoveryed.com by 8:00 PM ET on March 22, 2021. This notice supersedes any information to the contrary below.

Can music be used in my video?

Entry videos may not contain music unless created by the students or by someone who has given the entrant permission to use their music.  

Where can students get a video camera?

Many cell phones and digital cameras can be used to film a short video. Students who don’t have access to either can check with their teacher, school media center, or local public library.  

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Enter the Challenge

Have fun, innovate, and help make a difference in the world!

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