About the Program


The Inspiration Behind Fueling Education

CITGO and Discovery Education have launched Fueling Education with a vision to supply educators teaching grades 5–8 with the resources to make STEM learning not only a priority, but a necessity. CITGO aims to inspire students to make positive impacts on their communities, promote student innovation and problem-solving, and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.  

Mission Statement

Fueling Education is on a mission to inspire the next generation of students in the workforce. Through hands-on activities, interactive videos, comprehensive lesson plans and educator guides, Fueling Education’s goal is to create a community around STEM and prove the profound impacts STEM can have on our local communities and broader world.

Supporting Partners

CITGO Petroleum Corporation is a U.S.-based petroleum company with a rich heritage of more than 100 years. CITGO has cultivated a legacy of blending business with purpose with the goal of improving people’s lives everywhere.  The CITGO business model is built on a solid foundation of history, vision and values – all of which has stood the test of time. By blending business with purpose, CITGO has created a balance between being a successful oil company and giving back to our communities, while demonstrating that after all this time, CITGO still specializes in "cities service."

Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-based digital content for K—12, transforming teaching and learning with award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, professional development, and the largest professional learning community of its kind. Serving 4.5 million educators and over 50 million students, Discovery Education's services are in half of U.S. classrooms, 50 percent of all primary schools in the UK, and more than 50 countries. Discovery Education partners with districts, states, and like-minded organizations to captivate students, empower teachers, and transform classrooms with customized solutions that increase academic achievement.

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Career Profiles

Career Profiles

Teach your students about potential STEM career paths and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Challenge Overview

Challenge Overview

Learn more about the Fueling Education Student Challenge and how students can register to win! 

Lack of Early STEM Learning Harms U.S. Economy

One of the most important factors that limits the United States’ ability to stay ahead of the STEM curve is the lack of introduction to these educational areas at an early age.

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